Kung Fu Hip Hop 2 : C-movie *updated*

Heey Guuuys 😀 It’s b-chan 😀 I’ll update this post today cause today was my last test & I’ve watched the movie 😀 😀 😀 Just to tell you again the movie is called Kung Fu Hip Hop 2 and it is a mainland movie.. as I found out many guys from different countries like south korea were taken for the dancing parts .. and yeah .. The most important reason why I watched this movie is Wang Zi from the boyband Lollipop F xD .. Well this movie still reminds me of Step up to the streets XD i dunno why 😛  well, i’ll list the cast again and then I’m gonna review this movie for u 😀


Berlin Chen (Letian), Michael Tse (Ranqiu), Zhou Qiqi (Mianmian), Wang Zi (Qiu Shengyi),  Shi Tianqi (Red Sleeve), Lu Xiner (Coco), Lin Zhenghao (Peter), Liu Meiman (Momo), Ma Jing (Ye, the club owner), Chen Jia (Meat Bun), James Blackston (Stallion), Liu Yi (Miaoyin), Liu Yong, Tian Feng, Cheng Yi.

Lol .. Now I know the plot and i’m gonna tell you the main thing .. The story deals with a street dancing group called Encore.. and uuhm well, they get confrontated with many problems, like one member’s mum is sick and he has to get money to heal her (awww wang zi, my hubby >_>) and yes they have to win the competition and so on … well, the other character which name I have forgot falls in love with a girl, who is engaged with a famous dancer .. yes.. I know this plot isn’t very detailed xD I’m sorry .. I’m bad at explaining xD

About the movie itself ..

This movie was the first asian movie I’ve ever watched.. The storyline is not unknown it’s just like so many other movies, I especially mean the love relationship to the girl who is engaged .. at first I didn’t want to watch it .. because I usually don’t like dance movies that much you know .. but it was easy to download (lol ) so I thought “whatever, just try it” xD .. Okay and then I was like WTF ?? The storyline is very simple .. but the dancing moves were pretty amazing >____< Really every group did a great job .. I was impressed, seriously O___O and also the romance story was very sweet and the movie had also many dramatic moments like the thing with Wang Zi’s mum (aawwww… my poor hubby >___<) and yes.. If there’s another movie like this .. I’d watch it 😀 😀



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