Yaaaay .. :D

Hey guys .. (: I’m gonna post some random stuff 😀 😀

So … how are u guys doin ? i hope fine .xD School’s pissing me off, just as always -_- and kayu chan and I are both very busy but we can still update our blog for song- & vid of the day and reviews (I’m glad that we won’t give up our blog here xD) .. So Im just pretty bored and I just wanna tell you some stuff ^___^

Soo .. Yaaaay 😀 😀 Love Buffet Episode 7 just came out with english subs (*have to watch it have to watch it*) .. Thanks soo much to the subber who does this … If I knew her I’d marry her XD XD she’s awesome 😛

I just bought the fifth volume of Heart No Kuni No alice.. I thought it’s the last one .. and then I read it and I was like “nooo, not another volume” xD xD .. I mean, I love this manga.. but I just spend way too much money on all my ongoing stuff .. so I had to drop some of this stuff T___T I love all these mangas a lot … I even had to drop Venus Capriccio .. Is that possible ??? I’m droppin my hubby Akira ? xD xD

I just finished Tales of the abyss.. after .. wait .. 68 hours ?? XD XD But I have to admit.. The anding was amazing .. I cried for about an hour xD xD .. Since it’s also gonna be released for the Nintendo 3DS I’ll have to play it again . *Muhahaha* xD

Lool . kayu chan and me are just tryin to finish our preperations for our presentation we have to do .. and our MSN messenger is trying to bother us -.- she sendt me this stupid file 5 times, and It never worked -.- . so guess what .. ? XD our presentation is about Taiwan & south Korea xD

aww.. I just reread Dengeki Daisy Volume 2 in my language (not english) and I was like *Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa* . This manga is so fantastic >__> I love Kurosaki .. I wanna marry him xD .. (okay I wanna marry everyone . xD)

I’m soo into Kpop right now o_O well, I just know one korean boyband *cough ss501* but thanks to kayuchan I got infected with this band .. yah kayu chan .. Shame to you xD xD . but, they really are awesome >_>

Lol, I just heard from Kayu-chan that another Nagatacho strawberry chapter is out .. wooow. after .. how many years ? xD xD I could even buy the volumes in my country xD xD ..

soo .. lol .. that was my random shizz for today ..xD I wish u a good week x3


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