~Can you hear me? ~ Kimi ni shika kikoenai ~

Hey Hey 😛 I’m gonna review a one shot which is also adapted into a live action movie .. maybe you’ve heard of it.. it’s called Kimi ni shika kikoenai (Can you hear me?) and it’s been written by Otsu-ichi

The Plot:

Ryo is a high school freshman who takes everything so serious, so she is unable to tell if people are joking,  or something else. She got hurt way too often because she misunderstood everyone, so she became afraid to talk. In her mind, she creates an imaginary cell phone, because she thinks a real one would be useless cause no one will call anyway. One day  her imaginary cell phone suddenly begins to ring. Ryo starts talking with a boy named Shinya through her “cell phone”. She also starts talking to  a college student named Yumi, who instructs her in the ways of imaginary cell phones. So, she finds out, that the people who talk through this “cell phone” don’t have to live in the same period of time..

My Opinion:

In the beginning, I thought this one shot will be completely boring (I dunno why, maybe the cover ? :P) , but it totally turned out different : It was a sad, and beautiful one shot story . >_> The art was awesome and I totally loved this one shot, even if I didn’t realize the end at first, I had to read it again-and again .. and then I had to cry T__T (I have a weak heart .. seriously xD I even cry because Jiro wang cries xD XD)

So you should definitely give it a read OR watch the live action movie starring stars Narumi Riko and Koide Keisuke(I don’t know these guys xD) Here you can see the movie cover: Enjoy 😀


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