hey hey guys 😀 today I’m presenting you an other manga by mayu shinjo ^^ you can see it’s very smuty xD I mean the name “Sex=Love²” 😀 😛 let’s begin… 

Author and Artist: Mayu Shinjo

Genres: Smut, Shoujo, School Life, Romance, Drama

Status: Completed


Kumiko’s dream is to be a teacher. But her father is totally against it because he gives her one option. If she manage to teach her new student, he is going to accept her dream. But who would know that her new student is a extremely hot guy who has no interest in school and his favorite doing is SEX…

What I think about it…

XD well the manga is very very smuty as always xD I wasn’t that attached to that manga because the characters were… well, as always… the same stupid, naive girls (when I think about the girl in Haou Airen I’m thinking that I’m going to beat her up ). The guy is looking hot as always and is the same sex addicted boy… The background of the story is good… I like it but WHY HAS THAT MANGA  SO MANY H SCENES…????????????????

Whatever, I don’t think so that the story was bad, it’s just that I’m getting agressions if I’m going to see those *beep* girls…


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