The Royal Doll Orchestra ~Vol. 1~

Hey guys (: Finally a review xP I’m so sorry – school was really stopping our other activities T___T I’m gonna present you The Royal Doll Orchestra by the very famous Kaori Yuki. I think the manga has been released in about 4 Volumes so far but I hope it goes on T___T

The Plot:

In a world, haunted by a horrible virus, exists the  Royal Doll Orchestra and travels through the Kingdom to support the people with their wonderful music.The  Galatea-Virus turns a human  immediately into a Guignol, a doll, which hungers for human meat . Only the  Orchestra’s music  can stop the Guignol .

What I think about the first volume:

This manga is fantastic !! The art is pretty awesome it’s not the usual art I like but exactly because it’s unique it’s extremely awesome .. ^_^ The story seems to be very dark and dramatic, but when you read this, you’ll get addictet to it .. There are so many characters I like a lot … especially the guy from the orchestra (just look at the left picture xD) But be careful !! If you read it you should look at the characters very carefully, because you’ll get tricked very easily xD (I got tricked too and it pissed me off.. the same with fairy cube -_- )

So if you wanna read a dark manga and love kaori yuki you should definitely give it a read. ! It’s amazing 😀


2 thoughts on “The Royal Doll Orchestra ~Vol. 1~

  1. Seems really interesting! It’s nice to see such a unique story line. & I have a feeling I would like the guy from the orchestra ^^

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