Abracadabra *dies again*

Hey hey 😉 as you’ve seen, I’ve posted my song of the day yesterday, calles “Abracadabra”… well.. I got to this song because of a special video .. and here it is xD

I don’t know why, but I nearly died . >_> Jung Min is soo hawt O_O I”ve watched it 50 times, and I still can’t get enhough of him ❤

Kayuchan . watch this . it’s epic XD


24 thoughts on “Abracadabra *dies again*

  1. Who looks like asian ? xD You mean who IS asian xD xD.. maybe i’m a pervert .. but isn’t EVERY fan girl a pervert ?? XD yeah . but manga chara’s aren’t real T__T

    • yah . of course . that is still my statement xD so never think about changing your gender .. it will be dangerous xD xD I’m normally also very shy .. but since I met our random friend I got a little more .. NOT shy xD xD

    • yap . exactly this one xD .the one who loves a 40 year old old man xD XD .. the other friend is no random friend she is a J-pop-guy-stalker-girl-friend-thingy xD XD XD XD
      yaah . I am dangerous – “yeeeesss” *___*

    • yeeah hey say jump’s top stalker in the world is the “J-pop-guy-stalker-girl-friend-thingy” but that what you called is a better description for her xD xD.. oooh yes . the oldtimer who’s 3000 years old who wears tights xD xD. I’m so glad i’m a fan girl of a “younger guy” . xD xD

  2. yaah . shit . we have to share some .. >_> but thanks to you I got addictet to Jung Min and I wanna lock him up in my room now xD xD .. at first it was Kim Hyun Joong .. Just because of you xD xD.. what should we do with those guys ? XD

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