After School Wedding

😀 😀 today it’s again another manga by Mayu Shinjo ^^

Genres: One-Shot, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Smut

Status: Completed

Chapters: 1

Short Plot:

Hana and Ryuuki are married but they are keeping their realtionship a secret. Ryuuki is a teacher and acts like he’s ugly but in reality he’s a famous model and every girl loves him. Because Hana is such a worrywart he has to act like a ugly teacher… But can they keep their relationship a secret???

What I think…

It’s of course very smuty (it’s mayu shinjo…) and thanks god that the girl doesn’t remember me on Kurumi (Haou Airen). Well, the story is very very simple but this time I like the character of the girl ^^. She’s often jealous and always worrying about her husband (I can understand that… I mean if you have such a hot husband that of course you’re worrying if he’s going to cheat on you) and not naive… About the boy I can say nothing because as always he’s hot, good-looking and is addicted to H…


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