Fahrenheit 飛輪海

Hey there 😀 😀 since I already did one Band Introduction (HSJ) I’m also gonna introduce you another band .. You know — It’s one of my favorite 😀 😀 soo .. here comes *duum duum duum *

Fahrenheit 飛輪海 (Fei Lun Hai)

Okay, first of all something general : Fahrenheit (飛輪海) is a Taiwanese Boyband, which consist of 4 members and is active since 2005.. They are managed by HIM International music and they’re not only popular in Taiwan but also in Japan and Korea ^^ .. So there is something special about Fahrenheit, and the name and so on:  Every member of Fahrenheit represents one season of the year & one temperature (Because of this: 4 members I guess xD) But I’ll tell you at the character introduction who is which season + temperature..

Okay let’s Start with ..

  • Calvin Chen

Okay Calvin was born on November 10, 1980 (so he’s 30 years old xP). He graduated in a high class High school and then went to Canada to study at university. After this he went back to Taiwan and studied at the Taiwan University. 2004 he got his first Drama Role and 2005 he joined Fahrenheit.I think he is a very nice and cheerful guy, cause I always see him in the Fahrenheit videos and I’m watching a Drama with him (Love Buffet) and uuhm .. I rarely see him serious or sad x) He seems to be a very strong and matured person because when the whole band cried on stage, he just hugged them and smiled. 🙂 Because of this I like calvin a lot!

Calvin Chen represents spring and is at 77 degrees

  • Wu Chun

Okay Wu chun is originally from Brunei, but lives now in Taiwan and he was born on October 10, 1979 (so he’s 31). Wu Chun also studied at university, but in australia (so I wonder why he can’t speak english that good O_O) Before he joined Fahrenheit, he worked as a taiwanese model (oh yeah I see why xD).. He also plays in a lot of taiwanese dramas like Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu (Hana Kimi Taiwan), Tokyo Juliet, Romantic Princess… and OMG he will be the main male lead of Zettai Kareshi together with the awesome Ku Hye Sun from Korea and Genie Chuo from Rolling Love. yeah.. what should I say ? Wu chun is very hot xD xD He was just an awesome guy in Hana Kimi and I swear. I’ll watch every drama with him . he really is awesome >_>

Wu Chun represents autumn and is at 59 degrees

  • Jiro Wang

Jiro Wang (also Da Dong or Wang Dong Cheng) was born on August 24, 1981 (he’s 29) x3 and yeah.. 2000 he started his “career” as being a model (part time Job) At first he was supposed to ground a boy band called 3J togehter with two other guys but it got scrapped for some reason.. Then, 2005 he was the first one to join Fahrenheit..Yes, he’s also well-known for his drama roles like Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu, Rolling Love, Momo Love & The X-Family.. Yeah.. you know me xD I really love this guy, because he’s such a cheerful, cute and charismatic guy >___> I really enjoyed every drama with him .. and he can even show his true emotions sometimes (crying, being EXTREMELY SHY xD) .. Go Jiro 😀

Jiro represents sommer and is at 95 degrees

Oh no .. Be prepared for my fangirl screaming .. because of ..

  • Aaron Yan

*whaaaah * xD Aaron Yan (or Yan ya Lun)  was born on November 20, 1985 and is the youngest member of Fahrenheit (awww >_>) He was the second one to join Fahrenheit . Before his career started, he went to America for 5 years for primary school and then came back to Taiwan, because of this, his english is awesome ( >_>). Around 2005 he got his first small drama role because of comic producers who discovered him and then he joined Fahrenheit in 2005 . He is currently the main character in Love Buffet together with Calvin and he was the main Character in Gloomy salad days.. OMG I love this guy >_> he is soo damn cuute .. you know . when I watch love buffet .. and he smiles one time .. I die ..xD His smile is so addictive >___> and his voice, his hair, everything is amazing on him *___*

Aaron Yan represents winter and is at 41 degrees

So that was my Band introduction of Fahrenheit .. Please Check it out if you like Mandopop 😀


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