Sono Kuchibiru, Itadakimasu

😀 😀 😀 hey hey I’m presenting you a really cute manga ^^ 

Genres: School Life, Romance, Shoujo, Comedy, One-Shot

Status: Completed (4 chapters)

Artist and Author: Shiraishi Yuki

Plot of the 4 stories:

Sana is a very poor girl. When she heard that “YOU WON’T BE TROUBLED IF YOU HAVE A MOLE ON YOUR LIP” she started to aim for Aiki-kun because she thinks that she won’t have problems with money if she is going out with him. But who would know that Aiki-kun is also poor… If you win the BEST COUPLE CONTEST you’re getting “A year’s worth of free school lunches”… What are they going to do???

Kurashima Touko has been working up the nerve to finally call out the President of the Disciplinary Committee. However, she accidentally sends it to the wrong person, Takimoto Chikage! He’s a deliquent who is rude and makes a scary face…

Hirano looks like a grad schooler but to everyone in school she is like a big sis. To everyone? No, except one guy, Hyoudou. He always bullies her but in order to make his best friend an Hirano’s best friend a couple, they became a fake couple… But is it really fake?

Sakashita is little but strong. When she got dumped by her boyfriend because she’s strong. She beat him up and get a bad image. But suddenly a guy named Touma-kun confessed to her. But it seems he’s doing that because of his baseball club…

What I think…

This one-shot stories are sooooooooooooooooooooo cute ^^ . This manga really impressed me… it’s sooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though the story remembers a lot on other one I still like it ^^ So PLEASE READ IT IF YOU LOVE CUTE SHOUJO STORIES ^^


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