Manga Quick Opinions & Impressions

lol . hey xD what’s up ? I’m sorry, I’m stealing this idea from Emysan xP .. but i’m gonna quickly show you some mangas I read/haven’t read and my opniion or Impression… ^_^

Kimi Ni Todoke

Short Plot: It’s about a girl who has problems in her class, because she looks like the main character from “The Ring”

Impression/Opinion: Well, this seems to be interesting, the drawing style is strange, but I’m scared that  it will turn out to be a boring stereotype manga .. 😛


After several years, Tsubasa meets her twin sister again. But she seems to hide a secret … Can she solve this problem ?

Impression/Opinion: I’m currently reading it and I love it a lot, the story is soo sad & awesome, but we’ll see how the end is 😛


I have no clue what this manga is about xD xD but it seems to be related to Tsubasa Chronicles …

Impression/Opinion: … and everything which has to do with Tusbasa must be good , I never read this but I will definitely xD

Turning Point

Well, It’s a yaoi, and it’s about some guy who meets another guy .. and well xD that’s the story

Impression/Opinion: I’m really not into yaoi xD and well it was pretty boring . xD so . yeah . not good xD

Angel Sanctuary:

this is something about a reincarnation of an angel and a guy who has a sister complex I think xD xD

Impression/Opinion: well, the drawing style is very old, but I think I’d read it some day because of Kaori Yuki

Clover No Kuni No alice

well, It has a completely new story, I don’t know the plot, but since the drawing artist changed..

Impression/Opinion:…I’m gonna drop it T___T the drawing style looks extremely shitty . did you ever see it ? An offense for the original manga !!. I want my Soumei Hoshino back !


One thought on “Manga Quick Opinions & Impressions

  1. Haha you can steal from me anytime ^^
    Kimi no Todoke is pretty good. It’s super sweet and really funny. I was worried about it being stereotypical too BUT I think this one’s pretty good.

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