Shinobi denai to ^^

*muhaha* 😀 the freaking me is going to present you an other one-shot by shiraishi yuki ^^


Tsuji Ayame is living by her own because her grandmother passed away. One day she went out and suddenly bumped into an scary doll. She ran away and bumped again. But this time it’s her old childhood friend who teased her. It comes out that he’s going to stay for two days at her place….

What I think

It’s so pitful that so many manga’s by her are one-shot’s… That one-shot is really cute and funny… And those boys are sooo damn hot (even though one of them is an idiot)!!! It’s not really something new but still enough to read.

Here you can see an *arrrrrrrrr* moment and a scary one 😛 :D:D


2 thoughts on “Shinobi denai to ^^

  1. I read every single thing of Shiraishi Yuki’s and I loved AALLLLLL of them. ❤ So thanks for introducing me! Her male characters are sooooo pretty ^^

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