Shounen Dolls ^_^

Hey guys 😀 😀 can you remember my first review I ever did ? It was Hanatsukihime by  Hibiki Wataru >_> This time, after some months, I’ll finally review Shounen Dolls by the same Mangaka 😀 😀 The first 7 chapters are available (please tell me if you find the rest T__T)


Ageha became her  familie’s succesor (after her parents died), who have been doll makers for generations. Everyone in her family had the ability to hear the voices of dolls – so does she. Ageha’s family also shares another big secret for generations:   two dolls, Leo and Yuki can become human at night with if Ageha (the succesor) kisses them. But unfortunately , Yuki got lost and this did never happen before . Without Yuki, Leo does not posess his full strength to protect Ageha. Two dolls –  one soul. So.. will Ageha find yuki ??


So . what shall I do ?? There are only 7 chapters and I think I’m gonna beat up someone if I won’t see the newest chapters very soon T_______T I totally love this manga 😀 Not only because Leo, the typical-Shojo- Romance- stuff-bishie (Rawr) with black hair, but also because the story is very very cute and amazing !! The story itself is not that typical, cause you’ll also be tricked if you don’t look at the characters carefully (I won’t tell you who I mean xD) and yeah I even like the main girl O_O .. she’s cute xDxD .. and I also like the drawing style a lot and I hope to see a lot of mangas of Wataru Hibiki !!!


6 thoughts on “Shounen Dolls ^_^

  1. Hey! Aww, I love this manga a lot too! The drawing is so… amazhinnnnng T__________T
    did you also read Hanatsukihime? *wink wink* it’s also from this artist and I love the storyline xD I wish I could draw like that, maaaan! ;__;

    • yeea it’s awesomee >___> I love it 😀 😀 and yuup i read it, I also reviewed it I think there’s a link somewhere .. well. I really hope this mangaka will release more mangas ^__^

  2. whee ^^
    too bad that there’s only one chapter every month Q__Q
    Me too T.T We want moooore moooooore 😛
    anyway, could you please recommend me some one-shot manga? 😀 I was searching for some and somehow didn’t like the art much (no wonder, after reading something as amazing as Shounen Dolls or Moe Kare xD) .__.

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