Toraware Beast

I’m makin’ another review ^^ It’s again a manga by Shiraishi Yuki ^^ enjoy… 


Shiori is known as a girl who is “experienced”. But in reality she is a girl who doesn’t know anything about boys and the most important thing, she is an OTAKU!!! But her friends don’t know that so she is acting like them. But the creepy otaku Meg finds out her secret. To make sure that he won’t tell anybody her secret, she has to join the drama club…

What I think…

It’s a one-shot and has cute story… The characters are awesome 😀 and the drawing style make them more adoreable. That manga is somehow stupid and funny :P. I mean she jumps on that “girl” but in reality he’s that “creepy” otaku (he’s not creepy xD he’s so damn hot 😀 :D)

















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