Akuma de Kobito

The crazy me is presenting you an other manga by Shiraishi Yuki ^^

Plot (3 stories)

First Story

Rinko is called a “Ohito yoshi baka”. She can’t refuse requests from other people but more important she’s Itsuki’s (her old childhood friend) personally servant. He looks like an angel and to everyone he’s kind, except Rinko. To her he’s an real akuma. Even though Rinko has feelings for him but she’s not the only one…

Second Story

One day Madoka got asked if she could fill in her duty as an house keeper and she accepts. But when she went to that house she finds an scary (but good-looking) guy who yells at her. But what is this? A rabbit fetish?

Third Story

Jun always makes an scary face but she can get scared easily. One day a senior accidently splashes water all over himself and she lends him her handkerchief but that handkerchief is very important to her and suddenly that guys is gone with the handkerchief.

What do I think

Well, the stories were so nice I really enjoyed myself… There is nothing much to say :D. In the first story I thought I’m going to beat up that girl (not the main character) and the boy (the damn hot main character XD). His actions made me mad -.-. In the second story I laughed the whole time xD (rabbit fetish xD xD). And in the third story I thought human dog xD xD

Just read those stories ^^ They are sooooo cute


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