Bleach Episode 308 (Opinion)

Because I’m such a freak when Bleach is mentionend, I decided to make  posts where you can read my opinion about the latest bleach episodes^^

SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!! SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!

That episode made me really upset .  STUPID AIZEN!!! I was quite sure that it’ll turn out like this… I mean Gin kills Aizen? That would be the end of Bleach? Of course not… At first it looked like Gin has defeated Aizen but… yeah… POOR MATSUMOTO… Of course she loves him 😀 :D… She was sooo cute when she was a child!!! Well, whatever somehow I was really relieved when Ichigo suddenly appeared… (Have you seen his father? He suddenly got a beard…). I’m quite sure if Ichigo hadn’t appeared then Aizen would have killed Matsumoto… Oh yeah Aizen’s new form looks like a butterfly costum for halloween… Well, whatever… one thing I don’t understand… even if Ichigo has his new form why does it seems that he’s stronger than Aizen??? Aizen has still his Kyouka Suigetsu??? Whatever Ichigo looks so *ARRRR* in this episode 😀 :D. It’s so awesome when he carrys Aizen into an other place ^^… I’m looking soooo forward to the next episode, I hope Ichigo is going to kick Aizen’s ass.

SPOILER PIC’S!!!!!!!!!!!!

SPOILER PIC’S!!!!!!!!!!!!

SPOILER PIC’S!!!!!!!!!!!!

SPOILER PIC’S!!!!!!!!!!!!

SPOILER PIC’S!!!!!!!!!!!!


One thought on “Bleach Episode 308 (Opinion)

  1. There’s 308 episodes… sheesh. Last time I checked it was about 220 I think. I really like Bleach but I only watched up to about 30 or so. There’s so much it would take me forever to watch it all >.<

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