Kimi ni Furetara

hey hey guys 😀 today I’m presenting you a manga by Wata Nobu ^^

Plot (of the 5 stories)

First Story

After school Sawa went to the Nurse Office to confess to Mitsuhara-senpai but she finds out that the guy is playing with girls because he can’t have the girl he likes… It seems like it’s Sawa’s best friend Koyuki who is in a relationship with Mitsuhara’s best friend… What is going to happen?

Second Story

Hana’s best friend Shinobu became a handsome guy. When they were children he was often bullied because he had to wear ugly glasses. In order to keep Shinobu away from girls, Hana wants Shinobu to wear those ugly glasses but of course to that isn’t easy.

Third Story

Misa’s boyfriend breaks up with her. Befor she can cry a handsome guy rescues her and confesses his love to her. What’ll happen?

Fourth Story

Ichigo loves to cosplay and loves her boyfriend Hayato. But it seems that he’s only interested in her when she’s cosplaying.

Fifth Story

Nanami loves Ichijyou but the problem is that Ichijyou already has  a girlfriend. But then they break up and Nanami is his new substitute girlfriend.

What I think…

There is not much to say ^^. Those stories are well-drawn and awesome. Even though it refers to some other shojo’s, it’s worth enough to read. Only in the third story I thought “What a stupid reason” but whatever…  Just READ them if you love shojo-short stories…


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