Mayu Sakai Artbook .. :D

Hey Heey .. I’m gonna present you something really cool 😀 😀 It’s the awesome artbook of mayu sakai :”MAYU SAKAI COLLECTION- ROCKIN HEAVEN & MORE” … I Don’t even know if this artbook is available in your country, but I still wanna present it to you 😀 😀

Okay, The artbook itself is kinda big, it has 81 pages, including a 3-pages interview with Mayu-sensei and a list of all her released mangas til now .. The artbook is not only focused on Rockin heaven but also on her older mangas (Nagatacho Strawberry, Bokutachu no tabi..) but unfortunately, Momo is not included, which makes me very very sad >_< because it’s my fav. Manga by her .. well but I like the pictures of nagatacho strawberry, which you can’t really find in the internet .. and you can really see how her art changed from 2001 to 2008 O___O creepy xD xD ..

Okay, this is my first art book I ever bought, besides the fact that I had to wait 3 months for it, because those people were too stupid to ship it, I really love it, the art is amazing >_> The book has a good quality and yes .. just LOVELY 😀 😀


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