Peter Pan Shoukougun

Hey there 😀 😀 I’m gonna present you Peter Pan Shoukougun(Peter Pan Syndrom)   by mayu sakai 😀 😀 It’s been released withing 2 volumes with two extra stories I think 😀 😀

The Plot:

Twelve-year-old junior high school girl Hasumi Kohaku moved into town in search of her mother. When the sun is gone, she has the ability to fly (weird, huh?) . Otherwise the sun could make her power fade away. Kohaku soon uses her powers in front of her classmates, in order to save her friend Yuuro from falling out a window… but during the day! (Source: Bakaupdates)
This manga is really really cute it was just an amazing art and yeah the story was short but very sweet.. I usually don’t like kiddy stories that much .. but it was By Sakai Mayu so I had to read it anyways !! ..:P It was sooo cute, sad & also funny xD xD .. But you should better not read it if you don’t like little kids xD xD .. And the ending .. was very very beautiful ❤

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