Strawberry Kiss

hey hey guys 😀 I’m presenting you a cute and short shoujo ^^!!!! I really had luck because in the last three years only two chapters were released… and suddenly the last chapter appeared :P!!!!!!!!! Whatever, enjoy my review ^^


Akaboshi Mitsuki is a normal high school girl but she is living under unusual circumstances. She is sharing a house with a famous model, who is the same person she loves, Kurosawa Nashiro. Every day Mitsuki buys strawberries for him because he likes them and  Nasahiro is always very nice to Mitsuhiro but when she confesses to him his attitude suddenly changed… What’s up with him???

What I think

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I was sooo glad when they released the last chapter of Strawberry Kiss ^^. The male main character pissed me off in the beginning but he’s just a cute fellow who wants to be rescued (by me)…  About the female main character… well, she’s very innocent and shy… That manga is very attractive because of his cute art style <3333333333333…

Even though it sounds very common I liked it very much ^^… So I’m recommending it to everyone  who likes Strawberries and cold guys 😀 😀

(When I looked up in google for a nice picture of that manga, some strange people showed up O.O)


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