Yoru no Gakkou e Oide Yo!

Heey 😀 😀 Finally, I have time for a Chiba Kozue Review 😀 😀 This time it’s a one shot again and it’s called Yoru no Gakkou e Oide Yo!.. Some other stories like Love 10!!, Auto Focus no Hitomi, Petto no Petto are included in this one shot (But I haven’t read them ;P) .. Well .. Let’s start with the Plot 😀

Here we go 😀 :

Hayasaka Yoru lost her parents, and was taken in by her relative, Enomoto, who’s a junior high school teacher. Her house is called “School House”, which is on the premise of the school. The students would gather there and have fun every day, but when they go back, it’s very quiet and lonely. One day, at school at night, she found an unexpected side of her classmate Yamane. Gradually, she becomes attracted to him…?! (sorry, copied from Bakaupdates)


This story is a very short one, the art was awesome as ever, and yeah … I always say this when reviewing Chiba Kozue Mangas.. Her stories are unique somehow .. I never read a story like this .. what I really like about it, that it actually has a story.. Not *kiss* & *hug* all the time and a stupid naive crying girl .. That’s like .. soo annoying .. But Chiba Kozue’s Manga’s r somehow not like that .. I liked it a lot 😀 😀


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