helloooooooooooooo everyone ^^ finally I have time for a review ^^ Today I’m presenting you “S No Yuiitsu M No Zettai”, it’s an one-shot with four stories… ENJOY ^^


Story 1

Mamiya is a good-looking guy, has incredible grades and is kind to everyone. What a pity that he’s a slave…

Story 2

When Akane’s mom died she had to live on her own but suddenly her three brothers and her father moved to her, whom she didn’t know that hey are alive… But what are you going to do when you are starting to fall in love with you younger brother…

Story 3

Hosoya Mizuki has a boyfriend and goes to university. After following a cat she meets a handsome guy with blue and brown eyes… Is she going to fall for a stranger?

Story 4

Satoko Futaya was dumped by her boyfriend. She cried and suddenly was pulled into the planatarium. A handsome guy has taken interest in her!?

What I think about it…

Well, the manga is quite popular and I don’t understand it, it’s not that I don’t like it’s just that I think that it’s very common…. Maybe because of that nice art style ^^ or because of the bishies :P???  I read it a long time ago and was addicted to it but when I read it today I didn’t think it was special… Maybe I’m gettin’ old 


One thought on “S NO YUIITSU M NO ZETTAI

  1. 😀 I’m reading this manga right now!
    I have the manga in Japanese – this is good practice for me because the manga-ka isn’t too text heavy with her stories ^^
    I like the art but some of the guys are really…forward >__>; Like…keep your hands to yourself boy! It’s been barely 4 minutes since you guys met!
    I like BokuUso the best x3

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