Tonari no Koigataki

hey hey 😀 Shiraishi Yuki made a new manga called “Tonari no Koigataki”!!! On mangafox there is only one chapter released (because it’s very new)… I’m looking so forward to it because it’s her first manga which is going to have more than 4 chapters ^^ …

Here is a short Plot…

Akane has two very important childhoodfriends, Hiro and Icchan. The problem is that they are very popular with girls and because of that fact girls are hating Akane. But what is  going to do happen if one of those guys fall in love with her???


4 thoughts on “Tonari no Koigataki

  1. Hoo hoo! This is the one I did a coloration of a few weeks ago ^^ I’m looking forward to more chapters!!! & I’m glad she’s doing more than only 4 chapters for once! Yaaay~

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