Video Of The day : HyunMin ~ Best couple ever xD

Hey Heeey 😀 😀 We both finally chose a video of the day together again.. Since We’re totally addicted with Jung Minnie and Kim Hyun Joong, we decided to post a very very cute video .. it’s a HyunMin couple video .. Don’t get me wrong.. I don’t think they’re gay .. XD But they are .. like really close to each other .. kinda “lovey dovey”  xD XD (some kind of brotherly lovey dovey) . I didn’t know that those two would be like this, I mean .. I always saw videos where Jung Min was close to Hyung Jun or Kyu Jong (lol .. the vid where he touched his butt xD XD ) but .. they are seriously .. the closest of ss501 .. but soo cute ..>__>  — B-chan

Well, you heard it ^^ We’re  chose a vid together… It’s Jung Min and Kim Hyun Joong oppa so it perfectly manges to us (B-chan: Jung Min’s personal stalker, Kayu-chan: *sees Kim Hyun Joong’s killer smile and dies*… Well, when I saw that vid I thought WTF??? XD xD but indeed a lovey dovey couple…


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