5-year Flashback – Deja Vu Live Mix(데자뷰)

Hey heeey . kayu-chan and me decided one vid. of the day together again 😀 😀 .. Guess what ?? XD XD XD .. It’s SS501 again ?? XD XD But It’s pretty awesome . 😀 it’s a 5 year flashback of Deja Vu Performances .. and I was like “WTF” I couldn’t find those performances anywhere .. ? Freaking AMAZING O__O Soo powerful, these guys r soo hawt .. and it was also sung live xD .. >____> and at 2:45 I nearly got a nosebleed becasue Kyu Jong showed I a little skin .. I was like “hey, why can’t you take off the whole shirt ?? ” XD XD ..Well .. and OMG >__> Jung Min is as sexy as ever ..XD I just LOVE him with the Deja-vu-haircut xD >_> But .. well .. I always love him xD

*epic laughter* Well, you heard it 😀 😀 today we are presenting you a vid which is showing many different live perfomances of Deja Vu… OMG I just love this song especially when Hyun Joong oppa begins to sing *ARRRRRR*…. Well, you can imagine it like that, Kim Hyun Joong begins to sing *screams* and falls down dead… Whatever enjoy it ^^ Your bikachama Team


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