Akuma na Eros (Virgin Crisis)

Hello 😀 Today I’m reviewing a Mayu Shinjo work ^^… ENJOY ^^


Miu is 15 years old and is attending a Catholic School where she immediatly fell in love with Shion Amamiya. One day she takes a book and spells out a weird spell. But suddenly a scary but handsome demon appears, Satan. Satan knows that Miu loves Amamiya and he is going to grant her wish if she allows him to take her virginity. Well, a perverted demon is chasing her??? Indeed a virgin crisis!!!

What I think …of it

Akuma na Eros or Virgin Crisis is one of Mayu Shinjo’s old works. And of course it has the typical Mayu Shinjo marks for example the girl is naive, dumb and has big boobs… The main boy (satan) is perverted as ever. The only thing that is weird is that the other boy looks very weird… I think so… Whatever it’s by Mayu Shinjo so read it ^^


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