Bokura No Himitsu Wo Kyouyuu Shiyouka?

*epic laughter* hey hey 😀 today a new manga by Shiraishi Yuki was realeased on manga fox ^. It’s an one-shot and I really enjoyed reading it… so let’s start…


Yuka goes to Ikimonogakari’s room to ask them to solve her love problem but they can’t. So that she stops crying they give her a candy and she ate it. Suddenly she has cat ears and  a cat tail! What is she going to do?

What I think…

Well, I already mentioned ^^ I really enjoyed reading this one-shot. It has such a cute story and so many bishies !!! Unfortunately it’s a one-shot, I wanted to enjoy more of this cuteness … Whatever, guys please read this manga 😛 it’s by Shiraishi Yuki that means cuteness, bishies, nice art style and nice shojo moments ^^


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