hey hey guys 😀 It’s Shiraishi Yuki Time ^^ I’m presenting you a manga with 5 chapters ^^ ENJOY…


Hatsune is a dumb and useless girl . Suddenly her father brings a boy named Kaede-kun home. Unfortunately he has a very cold and mean personality and even more he’s going to live with her. His target is to make the useless Hatsune a girl with good manners and a smart brain. A clumsy love story begins…

What I think… (spoilers)

Well, the first thing what I thought was “WTH is she wearing???” She was running in the house, only wearing an underwear and having a towel. Whatever, I really enjoyed reading this manga ^^ it was funny and cute… Of  course, there were some moments you wanted to beat the hell out of someone and some moments were you started melting ^^!!! The only thing that annoyed me really was the end -.-… I mean you’re reading five chapters and looking forward to the final moment (I mean their first kiss) and then they are hugging each other and…. THE STORY ENDS … Well, about the art style there is not much to say it’s Shiraishi Yuki and it’s of course pretty awesome!!!



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