Ojousama no Himitsu

Hello everyone 😀 it’s Shiraishi Yuki time ^^. Today I’m presenting you “Ojousama no Himitsu” ^^ ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Plot (main story+2 side stories)

Ojousama no Himitsu

When you look at Haru you’re thinking that she’s an “Ojou-sama”. She is beautiful and seems to have good manners. But in reality she’s a countryside chick with a fierce attitude. Obviously that she can’t keep this a secret forever…

Side Story 1

Chisako is totally in love with Akiomi. In front of him she’s acting like a girl who gets easily hurt but in reality she’s very strong and gets easily pissed off. But to protect her realtionship with Akiomi she has to oppress her “Yankee” side.

Side Story 2

It’s just the continuing story of the first one…

What I think…

Well, about “Ojousama no Himitsu” I wasn’t that attracted like usual… I mean it wasn’t bad… There were some funny moments were I laughed that my butt was hurting but I don’t think that it was so special… No idea why it didn’t attracted me. Whatever, what I really liked were these two side stories ^^… It was simply and very typical for shoujo manga’s but I liked it very much ^^ That Chisako was so cute when she was a child:D yeah, how can a “Red Haired Demon” be cute??? But she was CUTE 😀 😀


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