Hana ni Kedamono

Hello guuuys . ugh >____< I’m sorry !! We guys are sooo busy right now, you know, we have still about two or three weeks left until we go to america for three weeks, and yeah, ALL our teachers want to write an exam BEFORE we go there -.- I’m so terribly sorry .. Well, but I still have time to give you an impression of  a new Manga I just read. It’s called Hana ni Kedamono (花にけだもの) , done by Sugiyama Miwako and there’s only one chapter out until now.

The Plot:

It’s about Kumakura Kumi, a small cute girl, who starts her first day at her new school. She’s very nervous, because she’s scared, that she won’t find any friends (like that happened in her other school), until she meets a handsome and cute guy, who wants to be friends with her immediately. She just spendt one day together with Hyou-kun and she totally fell in love with him… But, on the next day, when they met in class, he totally changed, he wasn’t the Hyou-kun from yesterday….

What I felt after reading the first chapter:

Well, the art is very good, the girl is drawn super cute with her big eyes and she looks like a kid, because she’s extremely small x3 I even like her, cause she’s .. well, she is whiny, but that’s not annoying, I don’t know why xD xD.. Yeah and also the guy is drawn very well – RAWR- very hot xD xD at first the drawing style of the guy was a little strange for me, but I totally changed my opinion after a few pages xD .. Yeah, about the story ? It has big potential, I really wonder what happened to Hyou-kun !!! There’s soo much to explain in the next chapters, like what exactly happened in the girl’s past, and what happened to the guy.. and yeah . will there be a love triangle ? cause on the cover picture is more than one guy .. Okay there is also a girl on the picture… But whatever.. I really wanna know what happens !! And it was worth reading it ! x3


2 thoughts on “Hana ni Kedamono

  1. Hi~ I wondered where you two had been. Sorry school’s been so busy! This manga looks pretty interesting ^^ Too bad there’s only one chapter out so far.
    Anyway, I see you guys are coming to America! I hope you guys have a nice time here & hopefully everyone’s nice to you ^^

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