K-Pop Stuff <333

hey hey guys!!!! Sorry that I’m not able to post some reviews -.- school is busy right now -.- I can only post some vids…

Whatever… so for the fans who are addicted to MBLAQ… here is there live performance of “Again”

Well then, Super Junior … when I heard that song I thought… no I thought nothing XD xD you don’t want to hear it XD XD Well, they are very hooot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oooh yeah, something very important XD xD I finally watched the last episode of DREAM HIGH *hihihi* and in the last part, Goo Hye Mi was singing a song and I didn’t know the name and finally the uploader told me the name of the song ^^ “THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!” I LOVE THIS SONG ^^


Well, the my last vid ^^ it’s a vid cut out from the drama DREAM HIGH ^^ Oh yeah, guys you can look forward to my next drama review ^^


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