Zutto Suki Datta Kuse ni

Hey hey .. I have another new manga for yoou 😛 Before an annoying school week starts again I have a little time to do some stuff for the blog 😀 😀 so here it is – Zutto Suki Datta Kuse ni (ずっと好きだったくせに) by Kayoru .. Also just one chapter available, but it just has been released, so it seems to be a newer one .. ^__^


When she was young, Sakura was rejected by the much older Chikage. She thought he was her future husband, so it was a big Shock !! Fortunately, her heart slowly healed, and she entered High school. There, she decided to get a new lover – but then, in her school, she meets Chikage again , who’s a teacher there . She realizes that Sakura’s still in love with Chikage… but how does he feel about her ??

What I felt after the first chapter ?:

Oh my goodnes.. >_> the cover is hot xD xD I dunno why .. I am not a PERVERT xD … well, the drawings are very very good, I’m gonna check out the other works of the mangaka ^_^ The guy is a real bishie, and when he wears glasses, I die x3 – but also without them, he looks pretty hoot ~ The story is pretty cool, even though I don’t like student-teacher stuff that much . (Ugh. he’s eight years older that her e____e), but it’s very very cute, and it hope the next chapters will be very exciting 😀 😀 So, I’m waiting for the next chapters, cause this manga also has potential ^__^


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