Follow us on Twitter ! xD

Hey heyy guys xD BIG news 😀 😀 Bikachama has Twitter now 😀 😀 Please follow us here :


Note .. I (B-chan) will not be able to tweet, that’s probably ALWAYS Kayu-chan .. cause .. I hate this stupid NEW twitter .. it doesn’t work for me at all . I just hate this shit .. I can’t even change into the old version .. I’ve tried EVERYTHING and now those Twitter assholes closed the comment section in the help center ?! Are they crazy ?! I’m not the only one with this Problem !!!! Dammit *ANGRY* .. Well … Our account is like TOTALLY Triple – S made .. we’re following All of our stalking objects .. xD xD .. Hmmm . well .. just follow us .. and I really hope my twitter works soon — e_____e

well well guys ^^ we have an account on twitter so please follow us xD XD and you also can send us messages if you have a wish for us ^^ … well, B-chan is very mad XD because her twitter doesn’t work XD  so watch out xD


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