busy … busier .. School !! -.-

Hey hey guys .. It’s b-chan (finally after nearly a week) .. Well, as you all see, a lot of things are going on right now .. So horrible things just happened the last days in Japan and it still goes on T__T  the last friday and saturday I only had about 5 hours of sleep every night because I was so terribly worried, i watched videos, and looked up for some celebrities and if they’re okay.. I’m still praying for all the people there, for the missing ones, the ones who lost their lives, and for the ones who survived and are now in hospital or in emergency accomodations and have no electricity or food .. I really wish that everything will be okay soon and I keep praying !!!

がんばれ 日本 !!

Soo .. the main thing which I wanted to write is .. we’re totally busy -.- It’s insane .. !! The teachers really wanna bother us .. e__e now, that we’re gonna visit america, they’re all killing us with exams, tests, presentations and so on !! The only things which keep me alive are twitter. and Park jung Min xD.. (besides .. i have my personal twitter account there : @bbchan_ ).seriously .. It’s the hardest time we’ve ever had .. really not funny T__T But I hope you’ll understand it .. an I really have to apologize for it T__T  But we promise to post more if all our tests are done !!

Well .. lol .. this is a multi-post today . xD Since I’m already posting something, I have at least time for a video of the day  … 😛

SHINee – Lucifer Live

well, most of them look hot in this live video, especially Onew and Taemin x33 oh yeah .. and they can actually sing .. impressive xD xD


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