[New Manga] Bijin Kakumei

Hey heey . I found a new manga with only 1 chapter right now .. so I read it and now I decided to present ot to you and give you a first impression 😀 😀 it’s called Bijin Kakumei and it’s by Fujinaka Chise ..


During sixth grade Yuki made a love confession to Shin, a pretty guy from her school. She was extremely shocked and traumatized when he started teasing her and called her fat and ugly (Fugly)!! So she started doing a hard diet.
Three years later, Yuki has become beautiful, just to get revenge . Starting with her revenge, she attends the same high school as him .. So .. will she kick his stupid ass for being so rude to her ? (lol, sorry, that was added by me personally xD)

What do I think for now ?

It’s been a long time since I started a new manga .. But it seems to be a good start for now .. I really love this drawing style, it reminds me of somewhere .. and I also freaking love the manga cover >_> yeah .. What I also like, is that the girl isn’t such a weak stupid whiny girl, but also not a Mrs. “ooh I’m sooo strong and I can do everything without any help from anyone” But she actually knows what she wants : REVENGE ! and I hope she gets it . xD I hope she will kick his stupid ass and he will never be rude to any girl again .. oh yeha .. I love this other guy . he looks like Hinata from stardust wink *__*


5 thoughts on “[New Manga] Bijin Kakumei

  1. Sounds pretty fun! Plus I like the artwork! Since the main girl isn’t whiny or superhuman strong, it seems like a great story to read ^^ I think i’ll like it!

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