Our Journey..

Heeei Guyyys 😀 Finally … A review for you 😀 😀 and It’s a one shot by the lovely Sakai Mayuuu !! The one shot’s called Our Journey 😛 Sorry I dunno the original Japanes name 😛 But .. whatever x3 .. Okaay .. This Mayu sensei’s debut Manga so it’s the very first oneshot she ever released .. and I own it x3 *honoured* hmm . weell I think I’ll give you a short summary of the first story (I definitely won’t describe all the stories, I’m too lazy xD )

Okay here we go ;):

Kana is frustrated: At home, her mum and her brother fight all the time, and in school, and she has also problems with her school comrades.. No wonder that kana escapes into her own world, together with pencil and paper. But as her mother throws away her favorite book all of a sudden, she has enough ..  She runs away, and together with one school friend, she runs into a big adventure ..


What do I think ? It was the first work of her I ever read, and yeah I liked it, especially the first story, and I also liked the last story (Primal Orange) a lot ^___^ Very cute, and unique stories, and I think the first story should’ve continued, waaay too short e__e .. well, the drawing style looks very old (I mean it’s her debut manga) but I like it a lot .. I heard people saying “ooh the eyes are way too big” … But that’s very normal for a shoujo manga ? O_O .. But I have to say, of course I like the new drawing style more (Momo, Rockin Heaven).. yeah.. so if you have little time to read some cute short stories, this is perfect for you ^_^


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