Kami ka Akuma ka

yeeah xD Guys I got another new manga for you (also just one chapter . I’m sorry T__T) well 😛 It’s called Kami ka Akuma ka and It’s by Moro Orie .. as I already said, there’s only one chapter out yet e__e

Plottyy plotty plot plot:

A girl who dreams of fated meetings – Kizuna. The one she met in a suspicious western-style house, the “Yurei Library”, was a good-looking but demon-like young man – Ru. As she realized, that he’s not like her dream prince, she says that she has to go, but then Ru joins her school .. can this be real ?

A good Newbie ?

hmmm . yeah, I kinda liked the first chapter ^__^ the art is soo cute, and I love this girl (>____<) yeeah, There were also a lot cuute and funny moments .. and this guy is freaking hot xD even if he looks like a kid xD .. He seriously reminds me of the main guy of pandora hearts (damn I forgot his name .. Oz ? xP ) . and this animal thingy is soooo cute xD well, see it yourself, it’s just one chapter . and if u didn’t like it, whatever ? Just ONE chapter til now 😛


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