Shinee video collection x3

thaha .. I decided to do this long time ago .. and now I’ll really do this . xD Well, When I started liking SHINee, I never really knew they were THAT crazy . XD . But after that, I saw all those videos .. and now I know .. they’re all crazy xD xD … First of all .. Onew .. Oh man I love this guy xD xD he’s sooo cute xD

Best Of Onew:

Onew – Cuteness in person xD

Onew – And his falls xD xD

Onew and his imitation talents .. (thahah I love him xD)

Best of Taemin:

Taemin’s cute evil laugh xD

Taemin and his cuuuute Hiccupping x3


as a cutie x3

as a hottie >_>


trying to sing Tik tok .. is he drunk ?XD

Crazyy O_O


Imitation .. again xD

all in all .. I love them so much because ..

Because they laugh at each other, whatever happens xD xD

because of their cute mistakes xD

I think that’s enough . XD I hope you enjoyed those vids xD


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