Vampire Rose

hey hey guys 😀 after some time finally a manga review XDDDDD this time it’s an one-shot by Arina Tanemura !!!! 


Kaho Mira hates supernatural things but Hikaru-senpai is always trying to convince her to join the Supernatural-Research Club! Then finally she is giving her “OK!” to help the Research Club for one time for a certain thing but  she has no idea that also one time helping can be included with many problems… 


Well, the artwork by Arina Tanemura is of course (as always) awesome!!! That manga isn’t very special because the characters are remembering you sometimes of some other characters of her works… suprisingly is that this manga is a little bit perverted (but just a little little little little bit)… I think it’s a must for Arina Tanemura fans to read it!!! And for the other guys who likes to spend free time with shoujo love story manga should read it!!!!


2 thoughts on “Vampire Rose

  1. which of arina tanemura´s series you two like the most???
    I like Jeanne!!! I´m a secret fan… I´d tell nobody…. hehehe… ´cause I always pretend to be the absolute shounen-fan… now you know better XD

  2. hehe, i love jeanne too, she is my favorite from arina and kamikaze kaito was my first manga too 😀

    vampire rose is a cool story too, but just a little in haste 🙂

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