[K-pop] Kim Hyung Jun first mini album ~ My girl

aaah ~ I finally received my first K-pop Cd eveer 😀 😀 and it’s the cd of Kim Hyung Jun .. sooooo awesome ~ well, I’ll show you what the cd looks like .. her you can see the front of the cd in the picture above.. I was very surprised cause it’s very big 😀 😀 well.. let’s take a look inside 😀

weeell ~ here is also a cool picture .. and that’s what the cd looks like .. isn’t it cool ? the cd consists of 7 tracks including two instrumental tracks .. and every song is very catchy .. and if you listen to it once, you’ll always keep it in your head .. ~ .. oh yeah .. and on the right, there is a photo book with lyrics (which are unfortunately in hangul, so I can’t read it yet xD ) … welll I’ll quickly show you something of the photo book 😀

Isn’t he pretty ? T_T he is young, and talented, and everyone loves him for his cuteness .. xD xD xD ~ oh yeah …. there is another picture in the back 😀 😀 😀

Oh my goodness oh my soul .. he looks hawt with glasses >__>> I really love this cd.. and It was worth buying .. seriously … Because it’s BABY JUN x3 …


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