Namida Usagi ~

Hey guys šŸ˜€ I got another manga for you šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ It’s namida Usagi by Minase ai .. It hasn’t been finished yet (I think) and there are 2 volumes til now .. ^_^

The story’s about ..:

Momoka, a very shy girl who loves rabbits. One day, when she’sĀ  forced to change her seats, she finds herself at sitting at the back of the class, next to a boy she has never spoken to before, Narumi. Everyone thinks that he is strange and all of the girls are afraid of him. Why? There is a rumor that he is cursed and that the girls sitting next to him will never find love. Momoka believes in the rumor and fears him, but she gradually discovers the true Narumi….


Recommendation ?

well.. When I started reading this manga, I went on mangafox to check how the people like this manga .. and there was a whole treat where people were like “oooh yeah it’s suuch an obvious crap . soo predictable . Don’t read it !!” .. And I thought .. hey I’ll just give it a try .. but … I actually really enjoyed this manga ? I mean yeah it IS sometimes very predictable .. But it’s not that horrible O_O It’s actually a very very cute story and I mean .. at least the guy isn’t such a “wannabe bad boy” as all the others in the other stuff .. e__e Come oon guys .. Give this manga a chance .. I would recommend it ..because .. some people love this type of manga .. and I’m one of those !! xP


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