Toaru Soragoto, Boku no Himitsu

hey hey guys 😀 now I’m posting one of my favorite manga books!!!! It’s name is “Toaru Soragoto, Boku no Himitsu” and is by Nao Hatoya

The picture is the german cover of “Toaru Soragoto, Boku no Himitsu” 😀


Shouta can see the true heart of a person. He can see the “Paradox” of all people. “Paradox” shows how the person feels or his true intentions! What are going to do if you have such a talent? Be careful because the true self of some people are wearing a scary mask or are screaming for help!


Well, when I read the first volume I was like “WHY DO THEY NEED SO LONG TO BRING OUT THE NEXT VOLUME????”. Well, the different heart breaking stories are really heart breaking… I could have cried every single volume (I didn’t XD but I’m sure B-chan did it)!!! It’s really impressive how the author made the stories and of course the characters!!! I recommend it fully!!! I don’t want to tell you more (or I’m going to go in to the spoiler mode XD). BTW 😀 Boys Love is in there 😀 😀 😀


2 thoughts on “Toaru Soragoto, Boku no Himitsu

  1. Ist auch einer meiner Lieblingsmangas >.<
    Ich denke das es sich leider nicht so gut verkauft hat ,denn zu wenige Leute wissen vom
    Manga *heul*
    Finde ich ziemlich schade ;( auch das es nach 3 mangas zu ende ist ,hätte länger sein sollen

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