Ongoing Manga Opinions

Hey heeey guyys 😛 I’m sorry I’m stealing this again from Emysan xP T__T But well, I’ll start with some Manga I’m reading right now and what I think about it :

01 : Doubt

Well weell, This manga is DEFINITELY not for people who don’t like bloody things .. but All in all .. This is freaking amazing .. i’ve only read the first volume .. And I want MORE !!! For Mystery lovers it’s a MUST !!

02 – Spiral Suiri No Kizuna

Thahah . I guess you probably only know the Shoujo Side of me ? XD xD Well, but this is another good shonen and I really love it.. It’s the first manga I ever bought and decided to buy regularly… (and that’s a miracle when I do that xD xD xD xD xD) It’s sooo awesome and every volume is exciting (especially volume 4 .. I love it !!!!) and yeah .. people who liked Conan should check out this … and people who LOVE bishies .. should also check it out XD XD

03 Nabari No Ou

hahah . I’m annoying you again with a shounen xD xD but whatever ? I bought this manga in america (and yeah I watched the anime .. ) But it’s freaking AMAZING !!! The art is so much better than in the anime .. and yoite looks way hotter than in the anime xD xD .. yeah . I really will order the english volumes, just because it’s NABARI NO OU !!! I wonder if the end will be the same as in the anime ..T__T

04: To Love ru

thaha . xD this is a mix between Shonen and shoujo .. and yeah .. a bit (*cough* perverted .. so if you like Ecchi it’s perfect for you xD .. I really love the mangaka’s art (the mangaka of black cat) and the story is very very cute and hilarious . xD there was no volume where I didn’t have to laugh, seriously xD xD xD

05 Code :Breaker

I freaking love this manga, it was the second one I decided to buy regularly.. It has a very nice and exciting story and .. There are soo many bishies . O__O *nosebleed* xD xD you should really read it if you like endless – going mangas with a lot of action … ^__^Omg .. Ogami *drools*


4 thoughts on “Ongoing Manga Opinions

  1. I’m so behind on Code Breaker and Spiral (the last manga volume for Spiral just came out recently here in the states – MUST GET….along with the other 6 I’m missing xD)

    Doubt – I read a chapter of this and decided to hold off until the end is out. That’ll way I won’t be in so much distresses about waiting for the next chapter

    Nabari No Ou – I’ve got the anime. I’m going to watch it here soon x3 It looks good!

    • omg really ? aww dammit and I’m already back from the states again XD xD .. I love both mangas soo much and I really hope that code breaker will be vey long x3
      oh yeah .. Doubt is pretty good ! I’ve read the first volume and I’m soo glad that my friend (who gives me the volumes) already has the next two ones xP
      you have the anime ? you should check it out .. It’s freaking AWESOME 😀

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