Ongoing Manga Opinions ~

Heey guuys ~ It’s finally weekend πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ so yeeah now I’m gonna review the next ongoing mangas^__^

Β 01 Kekkaishi

When I started reading it/watching the anime, it was not very popular and I guess many people don’t like it because of the big nose- drawing style xP .. But when I saw the ending of the anime I was really impressed how much potential this manga has ^_^ so I started reading the manga too, and I decided to buy it til the end ^__^

02 Momo

What Should I say ? It is by mayu sakai so it has to be awesome .. I love her beautiful drawing style and you can really see that she’s putting a lot of effort in it . β™₯ .. What I think of the manga right now is : I LOVE IT !! But . well, I hate one person soo much that I could kill .. this person .. I don’t wanna say the name .. or kayu-chan’s gonna get mad xD xD xD The story is soo cute and I loove little Momo-chaan β™₯

03 Stardust Wink

well.. What the heck is happening right now ?? I really love this manga, especially Hinata xD xD .. And I really don’t know .. What the hell is wrong with them ? O_O I mean .. If you read it you’ll know what I mean .. and yeah I freaking hate this anna girl . she’s like .. Ugh .. a typical shoujo-manga Girl I hate .. she has TWO hot childhood friends .. and this stupid b**** doesn’t know what she wants ?

03 Charm Angel

Weell, It’s such a cute story and the art is soooo sweet >__> I could marry the sweet character (on the left) for being soo cute x3 .. The story is a little sad and also cute and yeeah…i love this one angel guy >_> He reminds me of sephiroth xD xD xD xD I definitely want more of this one !!

04Β  Are You Alice ?

Well, It was today when I was in this bookstore, and I wanted to check out if the last volume of Heart No Kuni No alice is available .. and when I saw this manga I was like .. ” Wuuut ? O_O what an ugly cover ?? ” .. But I was sooo bored soo I looked at it and .. 3 seconds later .. “Okay, I’ll buy it” . xD xD The art already looked freaking amazing because it’s an alice story and I like all this stuff .. and OMG I LOVE THE MAIN GUY . xD xD he’s awesome .. well I read the whole volume in 10 minutes and it was .. awesome >_> it’s a must for people who like alice in wonderland πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ oh .. but there’s one thing .. you CAN’T .. compare the cheshire cat of Are you alice? with my beloved Boris from Heart No Kuni No Alice .. That’s for sure xD and unfortunately, there’s no Julius til now T__T


5 thoughts on “Ongoing Manga Opinions ~

  1. 8D I’m interested in Kekkaishi – the omnibus version was realized here in the states (3 volumes in 1 ~ heck yeah!)

    Are You Alice confuses me @________@; But the bishies are so nice on the eyes ~
    (yaya, another Boris fan. And you like Julius too? High five! Me too 8D)

    • oh really ?? maan three volumes in one ? that would make EVERYTHING easier for me xD .. I’m missing the first …. 7 volumes xD xD .. but it’s awesome you should give it a go :3
      it confuses you ? :O why ? .. Okay I’m not that far so I can’t tell xP yeeah omg I love the bishies in there >___>
      Yaaay you like both Julius & Boris ?? *HIGH FIVES* .. They’re awesome .. and so much better than some other person .. xD *cough* BLOOD e___E *cough*

  2. well, I guess I should write in english though… I really like your blog XD youΒ΄ve put lots of effort in it and the result is… well, this cool blog.
    Are you Alice? is really cool and I love the cover *___*!!!

    • awww thanks so much x3 thanks for checking out our blog !!
      thaha . xD I love are you alice .. you like the cover ? XD I think it’s very strange o_O but ..whatever . the manga is AWESOME πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
      (thaanks for the comment)
      (from B-chan :D)

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