Minase Ai [New Mangaka]

Heey heey guuys 😀 😀 I found a very good mangaka and I want to review more of her mangas ^__^ It’s Minase Ai (水濑 蓝) 

Her drawings are sooo cute and now I now why the style seems soo formiliar .. She was Tanemura sensei’s assistent for a very long time ^_^ And now she’s standing on her own feet 😀 😀 😀 Soo .. I’ll list her works.. and which I already reviewed . 😀 (lool only one xD .. whatever)

37°C no Boyfriend
Anata e no Crescendo
Atashi wo Sukitte Hontou desu ka?
Dakara Ore ni Shina yo
Full Moon o Sagashite dj – Dear Moon
Namida Usagi – Seifuku no Kataomoi
Sensei to Watashi (MINASE Ai)

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