Mitsukoi Honey

Well, here is another manga by Yagami Rina… Unfortunately there are only two chapters out, so I can’t really give you a feedback…


Yuni’s father married again and Yuni got two new (hot) brothers Yamato and Hiroto. But Hiroto confesses to Yuni and the girls in school are bulling her for her squishy face,  so she’s determined to become cute. What will be the result???


Well, at first I didn’t even understand one thing… It was somehow really confusing… But it’s getting more interesting and I hope that it will go on like that… There are only two chapters out it’s hard to give an opinion… but one thing is clear xD two hot guys and an attractive art work, that can’t be a bad manga xD XD

If you like that manga you can read it here


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