Some mangas I bought and totally fell in love with and some which you should read too xD XD

Well, guys it’s me Kayu-chan and today I’m presenting you some some mangas I love and bought (and you should read them too XD)

Well let’s start with…


Well, I’m love this manga I’m really addicted to it… It’s really scaring how fast the story developed… Well, I would recommend this manga to people who like Cosplay, Triangle and long love stories (and guys with glasses xD)


Ok, guys… I bought this manga because it’s by Mayu Shinjo and not avaible on websites  until  chapter three… So I bought it XD It’s somehow really different than the other works by Mayu Shinjo… (normally it’s totally perverted XD) This time it’s just a normal love story and I really like it…


This manga is not a shoujo… It’s a shounen one (well, that is a surprise XD normally I’m buying only shoujos)… This manga really remebered me on Death Note but it’s too short… I liked the art work (and the hot guy on the cover) so I bought it xD BTW it’s an one-shot


Well, after I bought it found out that I can read it on the internet…. Well, I like the art work and the story is also something that attracted me but I can’t find out with whom she is going to end up with… (BTW Vampire Knight one character is remebering me on Aido xD)


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