Heo Young Saeng “Let it go” !!!!

Aaaah ~ Guuuys 😀 😀 It finally happened 😀 😀 Young Saengies Music video & Album has finally been revealed 😀 😀 and .. I already listened to EVERY song 😀 😀 I didn’t get dissapointed by the best singer of SS501 (in my opinion) 😀 The Album is perfeeect :3 Check out the music video below :3

The Tracklist of the album:

  1. Out Of the Club
    • I haven’t listened to this song very much .. but I guess I like it a lot 😀 😀
  2. Let It Go
    • Hmmm . I think he made the right choice to make a music video for this .. It’s freaking awesome 😀 😀 I’m very proud of him 😀
  3. Rainy Heart
  • I’m just listening to this song and I freaking like this :O It’s very calm.. But I love it . I especially love his voice . I missed it :/

4.I’m Broken

  • Ohh my gosh . DEFINITELY my favorite . :O It’s exactly my taste of K-Pop Music xD . I LOOVE this .. my repeat button doesn’t work anymore XD

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