Multi Post [Part 2 :D]

Heey guys :3 are you alright ? I’m unfortunately sick [I’ve caught a bad cold Q_Q].. But well.. at least I’ve time to make a big blog post for you including some Manga, Some Music and dramaa :O

WARNING: The following stuff could contain major spoilers so better don’t read it if you don’t wanna know it !!


Okaay I’ll start with some ongoing mangas I’ve currently continued reading ..

Vampire Knight

I dunno… But I’m actually losing interest in this manga .. you know .. if you read the newest chapters.. They’re all kinda boring .. I dunno what happened to this manga .. It was so cool >_> (after yuuki this little bitch left zero it started getting worse) I mean .. what’s the purpose of renewing the night class ?? such a shit  -.-


I still like this manga a lot, cause when you see the cover, you think of a shoujo pinky girly manga with fluffy things (>_<) but .. It’s definitely NOT xO it’s a very misterious manga and I still wonder : WHO THE HELL IS THE KING ??? I mean .. I’m guessing it’s midori-kun.. I know it’d be way too obvious .. BUT .. exactly because it’s way too obvious nobody will think of it .. !!


Now to the drama(s)

Love Buffet :

Well, I ‘m just watching Ep 8 .. and I’m sooooo freaking PISSED OFF !! What the hell is wrong with this story ?? I hate the mangaka for doing this to the characters .. well at least I guess the drama is an exact adaption to the manga .. Ohh my gosh I freaking hate this new girl .. she just comes to Taipei .. and then a-yi immediately forgets everything around him, even Xiao Feng .. Q_Q He’s such a jerk .. I mean . This girl dumped him two years ago and .. he still likes her ? what the hell is wrong with that guy ? o_O at first I was like “she should definitely end up with A-yi ” .. but now I really want her to be with Da-Ye (Even if I don’t like Calvin that much).. Da-Ye is soo cute & caring and even if he was a jerk in the beginning, he finally realized that he did something wrong !! He’s now always by Xiao Feng’s side and he supports her when something happens ..  This one moment in the 8th episode, when they’re looking at the view of Taipei .. It’s soooo cute (and Taipei looks very pretty) >__> Well, let’s see how the Drama will continue !

Boys Before Flowers Ep 6/7

Maaaan. Ji Hoo you’re such a dumbass Q__Q why the heck did you kiss her ?? Now Goo Joon Pyo’s damn angry .. He’s hawt when he’s angry by the way xO .. But I mean . He’s sooo childish !!! Just because of this he wants to throw Ji Hoo & Jan Di out of the school ? He’s soo crazy -.- anyways, I really wonder who she’s gonna end up with .. I loove Ji Hoo but i’m actually rooting also for Jun Pyo & Jan Di .. x3 That’s a big problem .. XP Ohh yes and by the way.. I’m really looking forward to Lee Min Ho’s new Drama -> City Hunter .. just look how freaking hot he’s gonna look like (the picture below)

New dramas I’m also watching :

  • Personal Preference .. (check out on Drama Wiki) 😛
  • Gloomy salad days (got stuck  -.-)


Song of the day :3

aww ~ this is the new revealed single .. and I looove it >_> Can’t wait for their new album 😀


5 thoughts on “Multi Post [Part 2 :D]

    • Hmm .. Yes you definitely should :3 The first volume is out in german 😛 It’s freaking awesome 😀 Hmm .. dankeee 🙂 Es wird ja schon langsam wieder 😛

  1. hehe ikr Arisa is soo good me too i love it ^^
    and haha Jun Pyo is soo hot and Ji Hoo soo much hotter xD i know the end (finished it last year xD now it’s here at my place with all the others) and i also saw Personal Preference xD i’m waiting for City Hunter staring Lee Min Ho x3

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