Akane Iro-Ni Somaru Saka

hello guys :3 How are you ?? I hope fine 😀 😀 We had soo much to do the last weeks and we still have no life beside school XD but at least I can give you one review today .. and it will be an anime review… The first ever xD


Akane Iro-Ni Somaru Saka


The Main character is Jun’ichi Nagase. One day, near his school, he helps a girl named Yuuhi Katagiri from trouble. She later transfers to his school, and in order to protect Yuuhi from danger, Jun’ichi kisses her. Totally confused aboutwhat happened, she starts screaming  at him. Unfortunately, Yuuhi is his fiancé as arranged by their parents. And the worst thing is also, Yuuhi moves into the house, where Jun’ichi lives together with his sister Minato. But their relationship is still very bad… Will they somehow be able to live together or will the engagement be canceled ?

The three main characters:


Well, Junichi is a very cute character, he’s very handsome and I liked him a lot.. I only started this anime because of him xD But yeah, sometimes I could punch him in his face because he just doesn’t get anything and he doesn’t understand women’s feelings e__e


Minato is Junichi’s sister and she lives together with him in a house since their parents aren’t at home .. She’s soo cute and always cares for her brother and she’s also very nice to Yuuhi .. Minato is one of those typical shy characters with big boobs and a short skirt . XD


Seriously, I could kill this girl -.- she’s one of those typical anime girl who have too  small boobs and are too noisy -.- She is sooooo annoying, I’m serious, only because this guy kisses her one time she immediately freaks out. One of the most annoying anime characters ever – Worse than Louise from Zero No Tsukaima -_-

All in all ?

Yes, I quite liked this anime, but some parts were actually very boring & confusing… There were some scenes I didn’t understand at all … But what I liked the most was the ending .. I mean (.. SPOILER !!!) It’s a little strange that Junichi ends up with his sister, but at least he didn’t end up with the noisy girl -.- and, I guess Minato wasn’t his real sister, because in the end there was a scene where the parents were in this jet and they talked to each other. and the father said “We should have told minato that she’s …. ” I guess he wanted to say “Not our real daughter” … (SPOILER END) Soo.. yees it was a pretty cool anime but it was more shojo or seinen so if you like that, you should watch it ^__^


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