[JRock] Piko – First Album

Hey Heey guuys . What’s up ? oh my god we have soo much to do e__e but .. It’s weekend so we can post stuff for you 😀 😀 and I decided to present you my new favorite J-rock album 😀 😀

 The album’s called “1PIKO” and here’s the track list 😀

01. Rebirth
02. Sakurane
03. main dish
04. Akashi
05. Wasurenagusa
06. Koishikute
07. Piko Piko ☆ Legend of the Night
08. Nisoku Hokou
09. Rollin’ Merry Go Round
10. Story
11. Kodoku no Kanmuri
12. Shooting Star
13.Bonus Track. Sakurane –Ballad-

Okay I really like this album the songs are amazing.. what I like the most about Piko’s voice is that he is sooo damn girly.. but he sounds so sexy when he uses his deep voice O__O I’m serious XD like here in my favorite song of the album “Rebirth” he uses his deeper voice more and it’s so >____< This guy got a lot of talent .. I would marry him if he wouldn’t look THAT girly.. It’s even too girly for someone like me xD

btw. I’m sorry I can’t show you my favorite song on the album because I can’t find it on youtube e__e very sorry

BUT !! GOO and check piko out . he’s amazing 😀


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